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Clinical cases of fecal transplantation
Veterinarians present their cases of FMT
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Fecal transplant in practice
Basic concepts of fecal transplantation

Pet Microbiome Test in enteropathies YOU NEED!
4 episodes on the microbiome test

Fecal transplant and microbiome in dogs and cats 
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Warning: research on the microbiome and fecal transplantation is advancing rapidly.
The older the webinars, the more they could contain outdated information.

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10 cose da sapere sul trapianto fecale.

Per chi si avvicina al trapianto fecale e vuole una guida rapida e concisa che illustri i concetti base.

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Machine Learning and Canine Chronic Enteropathies: A New Approach to Investigate FMT Effects. 
Innocente G, Patuzzi I, Furlanello T, Di Camillo B, Bargelloni L, Giron MC, Facchin S, Savarino E, Azzolin M, Simionati B.
Vet Sci . 2022

A specific microbiota signature is associated to various degrees of ulcerative colitis as assessed by a machine learning approach.
Barberio B, Facchin S, Patuzzi I, Ford AC, Massimi D, Valle G, Sattin E, Simionati B, Bertazzo E, Zingone F, Savarino EV.
Gut Microbes. 2022

Faecal Microbiome Transplantation as a Solution to Chronic Enteropathies in Dogs: A Case Study of Beneficial Microbial Evolution.
Berlanda M, Innocente G, Simionati B, Di Camillo B, Facchin S, Giron MC, Savarino E, Sebastiani F, Fiorio F, Patuzzi I.
Animals 2021

Clinical cases of fecal transplantation

FMT application testimonial cycle

In half an hour, veterinary doctors who applied fecal transplantation in enteropathic dogs and cats present a clinical case.
The testimonials aim to increase knowledge on fecal transplantation as an innovative, simple and effective approach for rebalancing the intestinal microbiome, which is always altered in chronic enteropathies.

Dr.ssa Guendalina Caratozzolo

FMT and nutritional aspects

Yuki has chronic partially diet-responsive enteropathy. With the fecal tapianto return to the ideal weight.


Dr. Cristiano Pavan

FMT in dogs with parvovirus

Lucy is a 45-day-old parvovirus positive puppy with hemorrhagic diarrhea and vomiting. The treatment is accompanied by fecal transplant in liquid form.


Dr. Sergio Giordani

FMT in cats

Frimousse is a Bengal cat that has recurrent gastrointestinal problems when just brought home at two months.


Dr.ssa Elisabetta Di Rosa

A case of FMT in German Shepherd

Sole is 19 months old, has always suffered from diarrhea and itching. He tried everything with no answer.

Relatore Dr.ssa Francesca Fiorio

Dr.ssa Francesca Fiorio

Tea becomes a mother

Tea, 4-year-old West Highland Terrier with recurrent vomiting problems from birth, thanks to FMT she is able to eliminate cortisone, to become a mother in safety.

Relatore Dr. Diego Santini

Dr. Diego Santini

The case of Brian

Enteropathic Doberman Pinscher reached 27 kg, after the transplant he regained his normal weight of 35 kg.

Relatore Dr. Tommaso Furlanello

Dr. Tommaso Furlanello

Protein-loosing enteropathy and FMT

Faecal transplant in dogs with chronic enteropathy for two years and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.
** Available until October 31, 2022 (in case contact us).

Relatore Dr. Mirko Azzolin

Dr. Mirko Azzolin

Ambra German Shepherd

Faecal transplant in dogs with chronic enteropathy for two years and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

Relatore Dr. Cristiano Rebuffat

Dr. Cristiano Rebuffat

Corwin's labyrinth

The case of a two-year-old male corgi who, since he was a puppy, shows gastrointestinal problems without findings in the analysis and progressively worsening. Fecal transplant ...

Fecal transplant in practice

FMT basic concepts

Fecal transplant in practice

Date of recording:
June 16, 2022
Duration: 40 minutes

  1. Why does it make sense to use FMT?

  2. Who to propose it to?

  3. How to do it in a simple way?

  4. What results can be expected?

  5. After how long?

  6. Are there any side effects?

  7. How many cycles are needed?

  8. Are there relapses?

  9. What do the owners think?... but not only.
    All mixed with some literature ...


Pet Microbiome Test in enteropathies YOU NEED!

Webinar cycle on the microbiome test applied to chronic enteropathies

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